The Teach Like a Champion Programme equips teachers with practical skills for effective teaching and learning.

The Teach Like a Champion Programme equips teachers with practical skills for effective teaching and learning.

Teach Like a Champion (TLAC)** is a practical one-year training course for educators. With a focus on classroom practice, its purpose is to equip teachers to cover the curriculum in a way that leads to meaningful learning for every learner in every lesson.

The content consists of a set of techniques for effective classroom management, lesson planning and delivery, and assessment (checking for understanding). Participants learn these with the support of a mentor, who helps them practise and refine each skill step-by-step within the context of their own lessons. A combination of workshops, classroom observation, reflection and feedback, coaching and independent practice makes for a robust, but manageable learning journey.

The Mentoring Cycle

“In my classroom now my learners are disciplined, they listen, and the marks are increasing year after year.”

Ms N. Zungu from KwaZulu-Natal

Teaching Techniques

Teach Like a Champion (TLAC) is a programme developed by renown pedagogical expert and Managing Director of the Uncommon Schools network, Doug Lemov ( It has been widely adopted by schools and districts around the world, and has been credited with improved student outcomes in a variety of settings. For our own TLAC course, Edufundi has selected specific techniques and adapted these to meet the needs of our unique South African context.

We have created videos and training materials have been adapted into English and some in isiZulu to make them relevant and accessible to all our teachers. Over the course of a year mentees are introduced to the 19 techniques through interactive workshops:

Behaviour and Culture

Workshop 1 (Term 1):

The techniques covered in this workshop help teachers create order and discipline in their classrooms. Consistent routines, clear expectations and a healthy amount of Joy Factor ensure that learners are physically, mentally and emotionally prepared for meaningful learning.

Academic Ethos

Workshop 2a and 2b (Term 2):

The techniques in this workshop help teachers plan and present lessons that are focused, well-structured and learner-centred. Participants are given a sample lesson planning template and shown how to use the CAPS document to set effective objectives, guide learners towards achieving them, and evaluate their progress and performance. With this approach the focus shifts from “What am I teaching?” to “What skills are they learning?”

Culture of Error & Checking for Understanding

Workshop 3 (Term 3):

The final techniques help teachers answer the question, “Are they learning?”. Previous techniques encourage every individual to engage meaningfully with the learning content. Teachers now learn how to monitor learning and check for understanding (CFU) throughout the lesson. An important part of this is establishing an environment where learners feel safe to take risks, make mistakes and keep trying.

In the weeks following each workshop the Edufundi mentors help their mentees learn, practise and master one technique at a time. In this way participants can continue to focus on curriculum coverage while making small, strategic adjustments to their teaching practice. Since the course is accredited by SACE, participants are able to earn CPTD points.

In 2022 we achieved:

Teach Like a Champion is a powerful programme for improving teaching practice and learner performance. However, for educators to perform at their best they need the support of the School Management Team (SMT). This is why Edufundi runs a parallel programme with the SMT, focusing on instructional leadership, called Lead Like a Champion (LLAC). As part of Lead Like a Champion, School Management Team members, after being mentored themselves, are given the resources and training to develop the teachers themselves in the years to come