The Teach Like a Champion Programme equips teachers with practical skills for effective teaching and learning.

Every week two Edufundi mentors visit the participating school and spend time with six mentees (three in the Foundation Phase and three in the Intermediate/Senior Phase). Working within the school timetable, each mentee receives in-classroom support during a lesson. This is followed by a one-on-one feedback and coaching session, where specific skills are learned and practised.

Mentees record their reflections and track their progress in a specially designed journal. This resource also contains useful notes on teaching techniques, lesson planning and IQMS performance standards.

Teaching Techniques

The practical techniques mentees learn come from the internationally acclaimed guide to excellent teaching practice Teach Like a Champion written by Doug Lemov (www.teachlikeachampion.com). We have selected 19 of the 62 techniques and adapted these to suit the South African context and our teachers’ specific challenges.

They cover the three most important elements of effective teaching and learning, namely classroom management, lesson planning and delivery, and learner engagement and achievement. Videos and training materials have been filmed in isiXhosa, isiZulu, English and Afrikaans to make them relevant and accessible to our teachers.


Teach Like a Champion Introduction Resources

General Introductory Workshop Presentation
Facilitator Notes

Teach Like a Champion Workshop 1 Resources: Behaviour and Culture

The seven techniques covered in this workshop help teachers create order and discipline in their classrooms. Consistent routines, clear expectations and a healthy amount of Joy Factor ensure that learners are physically, mentally and emotionally prepared for meaningful learning.

Workshop 1 Presentation
Facilitator Notes

Teach Like a Champion Workshop 2 Resources: Academic Ethos

The four techniques in this workshop help teachers plan and present lessons that are focused, well-structured and learner-centred. Participants are given a sample lesson planning template and shown how to use the CAPS document to set effective objectives, guide learners towards achieving them, and evaluate their progress and performance. With this approach the focus shifts from “What am I teaching?” to “What skills are they learning?”

Workshop 2A Presentation
Workshop 2B Presentation
Facilitator Notes

Teach Like a Champion Workshop 3 Resources: Culture of Error & Checking for Understanding

The final eight techniques help teachers answer the question, “Are they learning?”. Previous techniques encourage every individual to engage meaningfully with the learning content. Teachers now learn how to monitor learning and check for understanding (CFU) throughout the lesson. An important part of this is establishing an environment where learners feel safe to take risks, make mistakes and keep trying.

Workshop 3 Presentation
Facilitator Notes



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