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Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

Edufundi is committed to the collection of robust M&E data. This has proven invaluable when it comes to informing our Programme design and implementation, and assessing the impact of our work.

Our logic model and data collection tools measure our programme outputs and outcomes. We use a detailed M&E data management and reporting plan to guide our M&E processes. Programme staff collect M&E data in the field, which is quality assured by our office team. Qualitative data is also collected to add insight into the progress of each mentee, and add context to quantitative results.

We provide our project schools and donors with ongoing reports in order to share our latest M&E results. Our systems allow all interested parties to have immediate access to the data and information required to track progress and make strategic decisions.

2021 REACH


Primary schools in four provinces


Teachers and School Management Team members




Xolani Primary School

There are 1080 learners at the school, but less than 20% of the parents and caregivers are involved in the education of their children. This lack of parental involvement places additional pressure on teachers and school leaders alike, which compounds what is already an extremely challenging learning environment. The Edufundi team partnered with the school in January 2015 to offer support and solutions, and the relationship has flourished.

Ludwe Ngamlana Primary School

It was a truly intimidating experience for the Edufundi team when we first walked into Ludwe Ngamlana school four years ago. The school had a staff component of 48 teachers that catered for 1500 learners, so we weren’t sure how we were going to make a difference given the size of the school. Besides being abnormally large, the school is also situated in a very troubled part of Khayelitsha, with an ever-increasing number of informal dwellings mushrooming along Baden Powell Drive.



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