The core focus of the Lead Like a Champion Programme is around instructional leadership – leadership that promotes quality teaching and learning.

In this Programme Edufundi partners with the members of the School Management Team (SMT) to build their capacity to lead their school in a way that will improve learning. Our focus of building a strong SMT/school partnership is centred around the following objectives:


Objective 1

To create conditions within the school that enable effective teaching and learning.


Objective 2

To embed good practices throughout the school, thereby creating a school culture which includes routines, expectations, beliefs and values nurtured by the SMT in order to support openness to teaching and learning.


Objective 3

To build ownership and unlock agency, which is the ability of an individual or group to act on a situation and change it.

Leadership Resources

Lead Like a Champion Workshop 1 Resources

This workshop focuses on defining the Moral purpose of the school management teams with an Introduction to Instructional Leadership.

Workshop 1 Presentation
Workshop 1 Activities
Workshop 1 Exit Ticket
Workshop 1 Handout 1
Workshop 1 Handout 2

Lead Like a Champion Workshop 2 Resources

This workshop focuses on building the four elements of trust in relationships and tools on how to develop a Composite Planning Calendar.

Workshop 2 Presentation
Workshop 2 Exit Ticket
workshop 2 Activities Document
Workshop 2 Handout Document

Lead Like a Champion Workshop 3 Resources

Workshop three looks at building a culture of collaboration in the school that enables the SMT
members, the teaching staff, the parents and learners to work together
as a team.

Workshop 3 Presentation
Workshop 3 Exit Ticket
Workshop 3 Handout

Lead Like a Champion Workshop 4 Resources

The final workshop looks at supervision and feedback for the purpose of improved relationships and teaching practice.

Workshop 4 Presentation
Workshop 4 Exit Ticket
Workshop 4 Handout



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