January 19, 2021

My Learners Are My Heroes

It is true when they say life is an unpredictable journey full of surprises and miracles. As we began the year, I taught my learners a small self affirmation dialogue to motivate and remind them that when faced with challenges or had thoughts of being a failure they can do anything.
December 14, 2020

Lockdown Transformations

Lockdown helped me to introspect and I realized that I needed to develop my skills as a coach to interact confidently in my occupation. I experienced fear from the thought of starting something new, but soon realized that courage is the answer to continuous development.
October 12, 2020

I am a teacher

I am a teacher. I owe my being to the beautiful children I am entrusted to educate. The year 2020 began with endless possibilities. I was to teach grade 1 for the first time. I was filled with motivation to mould the minds of my highly impressionable learners. I wanted to teach them skills that would last them a lifetime.
I am a teacher
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