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As funding becomes available Edufundi does take on new schools to be supported.

Edufundi is a SACE accredited organisation. We focus on developing and supporting teachers and school leaders to strengthen teaching practice and enhance school functionality in order to improve educational outcomes for all learners. To achieve this goal, we implement Teach Like a Champion, Lead Like a Champion and Mentor Like a Champion in schools.


Mentors use techniques from the internationally acclaimed book “Teach Like a Champion” (TLAC) written by Doug Lemov to support excellent teaching practice. To promote meaningful learning, the team focuses on the following key areas:

Classroom culture

Systems and routines, discipline strategies, positive learner behaviour, and the physical aspects of the classroom environment.


Implementing CAPS, lesson structure and delivery, pacing and differentiation.

Engaging Learners

Active learning, ratio, building confidence, use of resources and encouraging critical thinking.

Continuous Assessment

Checking for understanding and gathering data.

Mentors visit each school at least 27 times during the course of the year. Each teacher will need to have been present for at least 20 visits in order to get 45 SACE professional development points.

Mentors will also hold Teach Like a Champion workshops each term with their mentored teachers. Participants will receive 5 SACE professional development points for participation in all four workshops. In line with the requirements of the Department of Basic Education, these workshops are held after school, outside of teaching time.

“In my classroom now my learners are disciplined, they listen, and the marks are increasing year after year.”

Ms N. Zungu from KwaZulu-Natal


Two Lead Like A Champion (LLAC) workshops are held each year involving the School Management Team. It is compulsory for school principals, HOD’s and members of the School Management Team to attend these workshops.

Following these workshops, we ask that the SMT is available for follow up visits to check in on progress and support you with the implementation of what you have learned.

Space is limited on our programme so we would like to partner with schools that are fully committed to participating and utilising the support we will offer to your teachers and school leaders.

The relationship will be a three to five-year commitment. 

”As I walk through the school I walk tall, knowing I have this knowledge to impart and I can be a role model for my teachers.”

Mrs G. Lehlokwa, Principal of Lion Park Primary in Gauteng.


Please read through the following criterion to ensure that your school fits before applying to the programme: 


  • Public Primary School (Grade R/1 to Grade 6/7)
  • Disadvantaged (deprived before 1994)
  • Serving children from disadvantaged backgrounds


  • Peri-urban
  • Located in one of the following provinces: KwaZulu-Natal, Gauteng, Eastern Cape or Western Cape


  • Minimum school size 500 learners
  • Minimum 2 classes per grade.
  • Minimum School Management Team (SMT) make-up of:
    • Principal full time (not acting)
    • Intermediate/Senior Phase HOD or head teacher
    • Foundation Phase HOD or head teacher

Other NGO’s

  • No conflicting programmes delivered by other NGOs


If you think your school would benefit from the support of Edufundi, and you meet the criteria as well as understand the commitment needed from the school fill out the online application form. 



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